About Us

This is” We Are Music” we are dedicated in bringing you the latest and greatest reviews on todays artists/bands. We cover anything that falls in and between both rap and rock. We promise to give neutral reviews on the artists we write about, we will not only write about the positive aspects of their performance, but also the negatives. We are mainly here to help you enjoy detailed reviews, and over the next couple of months plan on going to concerts and rating shows as well. We also plan on snagging future interviews on various artists throughout our trips to and from shows. For all of those associated with WAM, music is more of a passion that we all plan on sharing with you the fans. We promise to bring you the best and deepest reviews/interviews in order for you all to fully enjoy the epic art of what we call music!

  1. Diamond says:

    yea i dont give a shit

  2. Levi Mufuckin Turner says:

    Awready bro I see you with the rapbasement 2! hahaha do ya thang man this shit’s gonna be tight… Ima view only your website all day everday and get you 1,000,000,000,000,000 hits a day! NEW WORLD RECORD BAYBAY

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