Kendrick Lamar XXL Freshman Freestyle 2011

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Raps Freshman XXL Freestyle Reviews 2011


Kendrick Lamar one of the sickest freshman!



Straight out of Compton! Kendrick Lamar is another freshman featured in XXL Magazine, and has already collaborated with known rappers Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. So for him to be able to collaborate with the likes of Snoop and Dre must mean he is doing something right. With just this known info I was already stoked to hear Kendrick’s freestyle. First off his whole freestyle is over 2 minutes, and is probably the longest freestyle that is featured. Most of the other freshman barely hit the 1 minute mark. Throughout his whole freestyle he is able to stay on key and drop some sick punchlines. Now Kendrick is able to use true punch lines, not the ones that most rappers throw in randomly to give their songs a little life. What I mean is that Kendrick’s punchlines are able to flow/link together with the rest of he what he spits. So I give him props for being able to do this throughout his whole freestyle. So I was glad that Kendrick exceed expectations. I looked for more videos on this guy, and again came up with another freestyle that once again showed off his talents (both the XXL freestyle and others will be featured at the bottom). The video is called look out for detox, and again Kendrick is able to come out bustin! This guy is easily one of the best freshman that is featured by XXL. I really could not find anything negative on him, he has his own style and brings variety to the rap game, and best believe that I will be keeping an eye on Kendrick throughout 2011. So props go to Kendrick Lamar keeping bringing the heat man along with the originality!


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